sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

Happy Mother's Day

It is the first sunday of May, what in Spain means the Mother's Day.

Today i'll start the day running 7km with 22.000 other women around Madrid. It is for a good cause, to fight against breast cancer. Later i'll talk here about the experience.

Then i'll go to have lunch with family to celebrate mother's day. I'll buy some flowers for mom ang will give her a gift from me and my sister. It's a coupon for some beaty treatment and massage. I did myself the coupon and envelope. I hope she like it.

Happy day to all moms, and special to mine.

Joy at Ikea

I must to admit that i enjoy so much to go to Ikea. And it isn't only by the shop, also the food and supermarket. Yesterday i had a wonderful English breakfast, so yummy and so cheap, only 3 E.

Then i had a walk and finally bought somethings. A white beautiful umbrella stand; a jar for fragant plants; a glass jar for salt; and some artificial pink tulips.

All it's pretty.