jueves, 2 de enero de 2014

New year's purposes

Here we are already in 2014. 2013 wasn't a good year as 2012, 2011. But this year things are going to change, i'm gonna make it. I make a list with things i want to get, some are important, some are stupid but all are the things i want.

- To find a job (is not depend on me totally but i'll still try)
- To lose some weight and make more sport (i was lazy last months, because i was a little down)
- To start that archaeology blogg that i have stopped (and try to study more and write some papers)
- To do more interesting things that i like, read more and faster, knitting, watch my series, go to the cinema, and tell everything here. (Like Tom says "we only have one life and i'm not wasting my time.")
- To dance more (i miss it a lot).
- To go to London in Spring and to Sweden in Summer.
- To go to see Coriolanus and Hamlet (perhaps too late for the first one :( but i'm going to try hard the second one)

I don't say anything about family, friend, etc. because i'm totally happy with them :)

I know much of these purposes not depend on me, and it's necessary the first one to get others, but i'm going to try hard.

Happy new year.