lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

It's a boy

Well, next March i'm gonna have a new cousin, and we already know it's a boy. So i decided to make some DIY presents for him. A diaper cake and a space rabbit. Both things had a big success as presents in the past for other friends and relatives, so i made them again. And yes, the future mom liked them a lot.

martes, 29 de octubre de 2013


Tomorrow is halloween party. I'm not used to celebrate it, i'm more from Spanish traditions like eat fritter and watch Don Juan Tenorio, etc; but when you have children around you, you like to celebrate these partys. For this i've decorated 2 pumpkins, one for me and another one for my niece. Mine is bigger and with more evil look :D

viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

Dinosaurs are alive

To promote the new season of "Walking with dinosaurs" the BBC has created a funny aplication for iPhone and Android. You can take pics with 3D dinosaurs in them. Really amazing. I already have it as you can see :D. You can find the application here:

miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Crochet toys

I have too much free time, and sometimes i really get nervous. So to calm myself i make things like this. Crochet toys wich are really cute. Here you can see little bear and a rabbit. If you like them and want one for a gift or something you can ask me ;)

sábado, 15 de junio de 2013

Feria del libro

This last week i've been in Feria del Libro de Madrid. I usually go every year; but this year it's been a little frustrating cause i haven't got much money. But finally i bought two books, one written by my sister's friend about zombies in Madrid, and another one a travel book that i wanted much. Both signed by authors. So at the end it was a happy experience one more time.

sábado, 8 de junio de 2013


I've just found the most incredible profile on Pinterest. What boards!!! Perhaps you can't apreciate it if you are not a crazy archaeologist like me. But those pics are so beautiful...

Here it is:

                           (I used this pics in some of my university works)

jueves, 6 de junio de 2013


I've been out spending some days in Torino. What a beautiful town with lovely people, i really liked much. Unfortunatelly i couldn't stay many days, so i have to come back in the future to visit the museums and all of that (this time i've been partying most of the time).

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Boring day

Today is holiday here, and i'm pretty bored. I should be studyin cause i have my exam next Monday, but i feel lazy.
So i did this to kill the time.

sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013


A couple of weeks ago i decided to make some cupcakes for the first time. I made strawberry cupcakes filled with soft chocolate and with a chocolate buttercream topping. It was a success between family and friends. So someday i'll make more, with another taste.

Here are some pics.

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Thank you

I want to thank to those persons who got the last weekend, in just only 3 days, which i couldn't get in a year. I love you for that.

I've chosen this old vid where are both Chris and Steve (you both are awesome) :)